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The Law Offices Of Daria L. Pratcher are committed to providing comprehensive services for those who seek a housing discrimination attorney in Buffalo, NY, and the greater Erie County Area.

Housing discrimination is prohibited in the state of New York, but, unfortunately, it still happens every day. No one has the right to illegally deny housing or participate in other discriminatory practices. To this end, various legal avenues are available to those discriminated against in both private and public housing matters.

If you are facing housing discrimination in the purchase, sale, financing, or leasing of a home, our firm is ready to get to work for you.


The Fair Housing Act (FHA) was a landmark piece of legislation passed as part of the Civil Rights Act of 1968. The FHA aims to provide people and their families with legal protection from housing discrimination in the United States. These laws prohibit discrimination based on race, religion, sex, national origin, disability, and more.

When the FHA was passed in the late 60s, it primarily addressed racial discrimination against Americans in renting and real estate transactions. Today, this bill does not prohibit housing discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity at a federal level. However, in 2002, the state of New York passed the Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination Act (SONDA). SONDA “prohibits discrimination on the basis of actual or perceived sexual orientation” in matters of housing, and more.

Facing Housing Discrimination? We Can Help

When you claim housing discrimination, you begin on a path toward asserting your human rights. Whether you are experiencing racial discrimination or are living in federally-funded housing that does not provide proper disability accommodation – it’s crucial that you are able to take legal action to enforce your rights under the law.

The New York State Human Rights Law declares that “every citizen has an equal opportunity to enjoy a full and productive life.” If you are facing discrimination that is impeding your ability to flourish, filing a complaint with the New York Division of Human Rights (DHR) is likely the first step. Once your complaint has been filed, the DHR will begin an investigation of your claim.

For your claim to receive a fair determination, your complaint must be filed correctly. Working with an attorney from our firm can help eliminate any roadblocks in the process. In addition, if the DHR dismisses your claim, The Law Offices of Daria L. Pratcher are prepared to help you file an appeal to the State Supreme Court and take every step to support your claim along the way.

Work With A Fair Housing Lawyer Who Will Advocate For You

The Law Offices of Daria L. Pratcher is proud to offer over 30 years of legal experience in real estate and fair housing law.

If you are looking to speak with an attorney about your housing rights case, please don’t hesitate to contact our office. To remain accessible to each member of our community, we offer complimentary needs assessments to all prospective clients. To schedule your free consultation, you can reach our office in Buffalo, NY, by phone, or by visiting our contact page. Reach out today!

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