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What Types Of Real Estate Cases Does Your Firm Handle In New York?

Our firm has worked primarily for both buyers and sellers in residential real estate. We also work with a title company to provide the title portion of those transactions, which would include examining the title searches, surveys and other title documents, and ultimately provide the title insurance through a licensed title company.

Our firm also handles commercial real estate, working with sizable multi-family deals, and mixed use properties and retail commercial space. We also provide guidance and counseling on leases for commercial and retail real estate.

Some in our company volunteer in nonprofit sector and with churches in their affordable housing efforts in our city. When we are not volunteering, our office will generally act as paid consultants for those types of projects as well to assist in the Development phase of either sell single-family affordable homes or to help develop rental projects in the City of Buffalo.

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What Are The Reasons That People Would Need A Real Estate Attorney In New York State?

Well because New York state is an absolute attorney closing state, an attorney is needed during all real estate sales. All parties should always be represented by a licensed attorney at the closing. Each party should have their own lawyer representation. Without the assistance of an attorney by any of the parties during the transaction you run the risk of missing or not addressing vital details.

At a normal residential closing, there are usually three attorneys: the buyer’s attorney, the seller’s attorney, and the lender’s attorney. Each one is there to represent for their clients’ best interests in the sale.

I Have A Real Estate Agent In New York. Do I Still Need A Real Estate Lawyer To Buy Or Sell My Property?

The real estate agent and the attorney perform entirely different transactions for you. The real estate agent is representing your interests as the owner of the property or the buyer of the property. The real estate agent represents the seller to market their property and to assist them to get the best price for the property. The real estate agent will also guide the seller through the process of getting their home ready for sale. They also expose the property to the broadest market possible and take responsibility for showing it to prospective buyers. Often real estate agents will bring prospective buyers to the table and shorten the selling process. Real estate agents are extensive networkers and that is an advantage to both sellers and buyers.

Once the buyer and seller have come to an agreement, through the efforts of their real estate agents, the contract then goes to their attorney. The attorney has a time frame in which to approve the content of the contract. The real estate attorney then guides the rest of the buying process. You will need both a real estate agent and a real estate attorney. The agent will assist you in the sale of the property, while the attorney will help you close the sale.

For more information on Real Estate Transactions Handled In New York, an initial consultation is your next best step. Get the information and legal answers you are seeking by calling (716) 541-8574 today.

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