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Understanding Investment Property In New York

What Are Investment Properties?

Typically, an investment property is a multi-family property, not a single-family home. Multi-family homes are investment properties because you are capable of getting income from them. Sometimes, duplex or two-family homes are included, but investment properties are almost always multi-family homes.

Occasionally, investors will choose to follow the owner-occupant framework, where they live in one of the units and rent the other units to cover the mortgage and generate income. However, this is an exception to the norm.

Normally, a multi-family unit is a commercial unit that includes a commercial downstairs and personal apartments upstairs. Additionally, investment properties can be commercial-only, with no living accommodations whatsoever. This includes any situation wherein a business occupies the property as tenants – such as with hotels, and throughout the entire gamut of the service industry.

Is A Vacation Or Seasonal Home An Investment Property?

It depends on the duration you occupy the home. That threshold is determined by the IRS. As long as the individual is not renting it or using it for transient purposes, the IRS will consider it your second home and give you the benefit of it being your second home or vacation property.

Is A Vacation Home Considered A Second Home?

A second home is based on your occupancy. When I deal with people who are looking at second homes, second homes are a term used more for mortgagors, they want to know how you’re going to treat that piece of property because of interest rates.

Their approach to the purchase of a second home is different than it would be if it were going to be an investment property or vacation property. The IRS sets the tone as to what criteria will make it a second home, and whether it is more “on the mortgage side”.

In other words, the IRS distinguishes a second home from a vacation home by looking at how it will be treated in the process of mortgaging that piece of property.

What Is The Difference Between The Second Home And An Investment Property?

The difference between a second home and an investment property is the income potential. For a second home, you would not be renting your home out to make funds just to have it as a source of income.

Investment property is truly a source of income. It is what most people are looking to subsidize their retirement. They are looking for means by which to place their investment funds and find a conduit for them to grow.

What Are The Clear Benefits Of Investment Properties?

The biggest benefit of real estate is to have a greatly diverse portfolio… because real estate is here forever. When we talk about real estate, most people think about the building: the multi-family unit, the commercial unit, the mixed unit, or the hotel. But investment property isn’t really about the buildings – it’s about the land.

Real estate is purely the land, everything else is an improvement that can be changed. We think about those things as being always a solid vehicle for investors to have either a steady income coming in because it has an improvement that can produce income on a monthly or yearly basis.

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