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Real Estate Lawyer Buffalo New York

Real Estate Lawyer Buffalo New York

Real Estate Lawyer Buffalo New York

Real estate and housing law are wide-ranging, multi-faceted fields with many different elements and aspects. Often, those seeking legal representation in their real estate related matters struggle to find attorneys or firms that can cover multiple sub-fields without sacrificing quality, skill, depth of knowledge, or experience in any given sub-field.

Furthermore, if you’re looking to be involved in Buffalo real estate—whether as a buyer, seller, investor, developer, or individual seeking equitable housing rights—it can be difficult to find legal representation that is both deeply familiar with the Buffalo real estate and legal landscapes and just as comfortable in a residential closing as they are in a corporate consulting capacity or on the board of a not-for-profit.

Thankfully, all of those qualities can be found at the Law Offices of Daria L. Pratcher.

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Real Estate Lawyer Buffalo New York

Who Is Daria L. Pratcher?

Attorney Pratcher is the lead counsel and CEO of the Law Office of Daria L. Pratcher. She is an experienced attorney specializing in Real Property Law and Housing Law in the Buffalo, New York area.

With extensive experience practicing real estate law and operating as a licensed real estate broker, Attorney Pratcher has been serving the real property, real estate, housing, and development legal needs of the Buffalo and greater Erie County communities for nearly 20 years. Her areas of focus include:

Real estate sales

Residential and commercial real estate closings (on behalf of sellers, purchasers and as a lender closing agent)

Real property title examination and other title services

Escrow agency

Landlord/tenant law

Contract drafting and negotiations

Business/corporate development and counseling.

A native Buffalonian and graduate of the University of Buffalo Law School, Attorney Pratcher is deeply and intimately connected to the Buffalo real estate, development, and housing rights legal fields. She has also been—and continues to be—very involved in and influential to the re-development of the City of Buffalo. Specifically, she works tirelessly to help resolve the many challenges of re-development and to ensure an equitable share in the benefits of re-development for all Buffalonians, including those living in neighborhoods that are often ignored in development conversations.

To those ends, Attorney Pratcher devotes a large amount of time to her work as a consultant, board member, mentor, educator, and volunteer for individuals and not-for-profits working to ensure equitable housing and development in Buffalo. She is well-known for community building and forging connections between parties with shared interest and brings those skills to the table for all of her clients.

The same is true of all of the attorneys working with the Law Offices of Daria L. Pratcher: each and every one of our associate attorneys is dedicated to working hard on behalf of our clients and our community.

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What Can The Law Offices Of Daria L. Pratcher Do For Me?

Real Estate Lawyer Buffalo New York

At the Law Offices of Daria L. Pratcher, we offer a wide array of services in the real property, real estate, development, and housing law fields. These include:

Residential Real Estate: Buying or selling a home is often the largest sale or purchase in a person’s life. As such, we understand how important it is to pick the right attorney to see you through the buying and/or selling process for your home. Our firm offers dedicated residential real estate services, representing both buyers and sellers in residential real estate transactions. We are proud to offer a comprehensive purchase and sale experience to our residential clients. In addition to the final closing, we offer services representation in property assessment and valuation, title services (including title searches, examination of findings, handling any problematic titles, and obtaining title insurance through our title company partnership), contract drafting and negotiation, and, if necessary, litigation.

Commercial Real Estate: Commercial and business real estate endeavors tend to be higher-stakes, with higher-value properties and associated costs. At the Law Offices of Daria L. Pratcher, we offer community-informed, client-focused representation for commercial and business real estate transactions. Our commercial/business real estate services include everything from valuation and appraisal, title searches, inspections/surveys, buy-sell agreements, regulatory and procedural issues, and financing, all the way to closing (and, if necessary, litigation).

Fair Housing and Housing Discrimination Services: At the Law Offices of Daria L. Pratcher, we believe in fair housing for all. We are committed to combatting cases of housing discrimination—a practice which is illegal in the State of New York, but unfortunately still happens in Buffalo every day. To help fight housing discrimination, we provide comprehensive legal services to individuals who have been wrongfully discriminated against and illegally denied housing or housing-related financing, both in private and public housing cases. We also offer real estate-based civil legal services to members of disenfranchised communities in Buffalo, with a particular focus on housing and landlord-tenant disputes, tenants’ rights, Fair Housing Act enforcement and violations, and representing marginalized buyers and sellers in real estate transactions.

Are you or a loved one looking for an experienced, knowledgeable, and community-based real estate attorney in Buffalo, NY? Look no further. Attorney Daria L. Pratcher and her associates at the Law Offices of Attorney Daria L. Pratcher are ready to help. Reach out today for a free consultation on your case.

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